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Severn Swan is a beautiful long keel boat with a 5 sail schooner rig. She was built in 1984 and was registered in Gloucester. She has circumnavigated twice and is currently undergoing a major refit for another spell of globetrotting. This is now entering its final stages, having taken much longer than expected (by a factor of about 3).

We are Martin and Lorry Quinn and we bought Severn Swan in Southern Spain and then spent a year or so getting her up together for the journey home.  We sailed her back to the UK in July 2007 and she is now in the Sharpness Shipyard at the entrance to the Gloucester/Sharpness canal - so she has returned almost as far as her original home.


Severn Swan is a Samson-designed C-Lord that has undergone several name changes (see next page). We had originally thought that only 9 had been built but we have since found out about a number of others from owners who have seen this site and have contacted us.  There is even a square-rigged C-Lord! We’d love to hear from anyone who owns, has owned, or has sailed in a C-Lord.

She is 54 feet (16.4m) on deck and 64ft (20m) over the bowsprit and boomkin. The bowsprit and boomkin extend the rig at the both the bow and the stern and, with the inverted fisherman sail which provides lots of power high up, she has plenty of power to drive her 30 tonnes and eat up the miles.



Severn Swan’s friends....

Click below to view a movie clip of dolphins riding the bow wave.

At Sharpness docks with her support vehicle


We will be using this site to keep all of our friends up to date with our (rather slow) progress.  When we’ve finished we will be off on our adventures and you will be able to follow us on our blog. We’d also love to keep in touch with everyone we know and if you’d like to contact us please use the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.  Although the domain address is “schoonercharter” we are not really intending to charter; it was an idea that we abandoned early on but we didn’t change the domain name.

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At anchor off Cascais, Portugal
Sailing in the Caribbean
Sailing in the Guadiana River, Portugal
Dolphins riding the bow wave

Great fun to sail.......

NEWS:  (March 2014)

This site was updated again in March 2014.  To see what has been added (and for an explanation of why we have changed the boat’s name from Santa Katalina to Severn Swan) please see the “What’s New” page by clicking here or accessing it via the main menu/home page/what’s new.

Technical stuff....

A few people have told us that they can’t see the menu to the left of this page and so can’t navigate around the site.  This seems to be a particular issue with mobile phones. We’ve changed the menu so that it doesn’t use Flash player and uses JavaScript instead - not sure if that helps (IT literacy is not one of our strong points).  If the menu doesn’t appear we have added a “go to next page” at the bottom of each page so that you can get around. Clicking on the main Severn Swan header on any page will bring you back to the home page. There is also now a site map which can be accessed from the main menu or from here

As a further complication the picture galleries on the “Previous Lives” and “Life After Work” pages  may be blocked by Internet Explorer.  If a message appears telling you that it has blocked scripts and ActiveX then click to allow blocked content.  Sorry about that - I don’t know how to cure this problem.

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NEWS:  (August 2014)

We now have a blog which can be found at: